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1. Firewood Shelter

My wife Arla and I are going to build this Co-op DIY Firewood Shelter for both our backyard at our Dad's house in town and also at his Cottage at Lac St-Cyr, very near to the fireplaces of each location. I know exactly the perfect spots for them.

Head shot photo of Jonathan R. Holeton taken by Ryan Parker in Ryan's Studio in Edmonton, Alberta.

2. Miniature Dioramas

For the past year or so I've gotten interested in miniatures, model making, scratch building, and dioramas. A few months ago, I built this Ewoks diorama based on the Little Rebels in the Battle of Endor™ statue made by Kotobukiya that sells for $200. I love the look of it, but to save money I decided to just buy a Bandai AT-ST and 5 or 6 miniature Ewoks from Shapeways. I didn't save that much money, maybe about $30-$40. It was so much fun to make, I want to make more. I'd like to work on more Star Wars dioramas because I love Star Wars, but I'm also interested in making miniature farm dioramas. There's one I'd like to do where some cows are being beamed up by a UFO in a field. I bought some minature cows from Aliexpress, a miniature tractor from Outback Toy Store and a UFO at Shapeways.

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