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Jonathan R. Holeton born Sept 26th, 1975, is a Canadian entrepreneur, writer, director, film producer, storyteller, actor and artist. He is the Founder and CEO of MindWave Studios Ltd., which is passionate about Comedy, Family, Scifi and Fantasy Films and TV Series. ​On September 26th, 2001, Jonathan R. Holeton founded the sole proprietorship of MindWave Productions and on December 2nd, 2019 he incorporated MindWave Studios Ltd.

In 1995, Jonathan went to multimedia school in Burnaby, BC. He then studied at the University of Alberta for almost 10 years, majoring in Philosophy and minoring in Drama. He then studied Le Coq method of acting. He has acted in many plays but now prefers acting on film, web or TV. He's been a Youtuber since Oct 16th 2006 and he has various projects in development as a writer, director and producer. He is also CEO of Drive Buy Delivery, FX-Wear, and drives his wife Arla to her cleaning jobs for her cleaning business, The Clean.Space. This is his CV on GitHub and his Itchio for work in progress games he's been learning to make.

Jonathan's IMDB Link.

On June 24th, 1982 my friends, sister and I got to meet and shake hands with Saint Mother Teresa, We sang for her as well in front of the house built for her and her Sisters across the street from our house in St. Paul, Alberta. I'm the little boy on the right looking at her in awe.

Head shot photo of Jonathan R. Holeton taken by Ryan Parker in Ryan's Studio in Edmonton, Alberta.

MindWave Studios Ltd.

MindWave Studios' mission is to produce entertaining content that brings joy, laughter and wonder to the global audience.

The video on the left is MindWave Studios' logo opener. The tree is a Bristlecone tree, also named after Methuselah in the Bible who lived 969 years.

God Almighty's Message and Universe reveal the Love, Mystery and Wonder that MindWave Studios wants to explore.

Jonathan came up with the name MindWave back in 2001, he didn't know there was a comic book character named MindWave. He has bipolar and had a manic episode where he came to the realization that our minds are waves and vice versa, waves are minds. With his racing thoughts he saw that the M of Mind is an upside down W of Wave. His first logo looked like an X, a W on top of an M, which was created by one of his best friends Réal de la Salle. He later changed it to the current logo. While studying Philosophy at the University of Alberta, he realized your mind is a reflection of a wave... it's one and the same thing. Your mind is an energy, power or force. And that's how MindWave started.

MindWave Studios


FX-Wear is Jonathan's Online Store for Techno-Geeks and Digital Artists, like him, who love costumes, practical FX, special FX, Visual FX, miniatures and cool gadgets.

The video on the left is FX-Wear's logo opener.

God Almighty's Message and Universe reveal the Love, Mystery and Wonder that both MindWave Studios, and it's sister company FX-Wear want to explore.

Jonathan came up with the name FX-Wear back in 2015 for his Online Store for Techno-Geeks & Digital Artists. He offers cool practical FX makeup, gadgets, cosplay, video content creation wardrobe, props, and just cool stuff just for the fun of it. He has spending most of his life learning VFX and practical FX. That's how FX-Wear started.


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